When fitted correctly, solid wood flooring can last for decades and is something that will add value to your property. With an extensive range of high quality hardwoods available, you have the ability to choose a species, finish and colour that is perfectly suited to your home’s décor.

As well as being visually impressive, these floors are renowned for their durability and versatility as they can endure heavy foot traffic. Additionally, the process of the cleaning couldn’t simpler as the floor only needs to mopped or vacuumed. In most cases, the build-up of debris, dust and dirt is usually minimal, which means it will not require constant cleaning.

Solid wood flooring gives an almost infinite amount of choices, meaning you have the ability to select a particular finish that is personalised to your home. With a range of treatments, the flooring is able to accommodate virtually any style that you require. When you visit the showroom, we will be more than happy to offer professional advice and help you choose the perfect flooring.